What We Do

Collab is a joint venture between the South Australian Museum, the History Trust of South Australia, the State Library of South Australia and the Art Gallery of South Australia to promote the discovery of their digital collections. Collab supports innovation, new knowledge and entrepreneurship across Adelaide’s cultural precinct and showcases our digital expertise to the

Striking research on evolution and biomechanics of snake fangs

Australia is famous for its dangerous snakes. The first modern snakes to reach our country were highly venomous relatives of the cobra, which evolved into a diverse range of species including tiger snakes, taipans and brown snakes. As only a handful of researchers are currently studying these intriguing serpents, many aspects of their evolution and

International GLAM Labs Community

In late September 2019 a group of 16 digital cultural heritage practitioners working in and with Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) innovation Labs arrived in Doha to write a book in 5 days! Following a BookSprint methodology, 16 members of the International GLAM Labs Community spent one very long sleep deprived and highly caffeinated week authoring a book

Discoverability of digital collections

The State Library of South Australia will trial the use of Digital Collections (Recollect product) to produce electronically searchable transcriptions of diaries. The application provides a range of opportunities that the previous manual methods of transcription couldn’t. In particular, transcribing from diaries that are digitised and on Digital Collections will: Significantly reduce of the risk