South Australian Government Photographic Collection

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The collection broadly documents sixty-seven years of government activities, state celebrations, and the growth of industry, trade and townships between 1890 and 1957. The collection of 15,000 images includes 288 Frank Hurley images showcasing the state as part of its 1936 Centenary celebrations, as well as images of country shows and field days, educational institutions, hospitals and nursing, railway stations and infrastructure, shipping and ports, and the River Murray. The original glass plates are held by State Records of South Australia. The History Trust of South Australia holds the catalogue and digitised copy set of the collection.
It is important to note that this is a historical collection and original information and photographic titles have been retained for research purposes in many instances. Some language used in the past by Government Departments may cause offence today but as a research collection we have maintained the original titles and language used to document this collection.





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