SA History Hub

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The SA History Hub website is an interactive way of engaging with the history of our state. This site is built on stories of South Australia’s people, places and events, the city streets and the buildings and monuments that line them, and the events that enliven them.

This data set presents places, things, organisations and events as geojson.





Data and Resources (4)

Resource IDResource Format
56f06262-e308-49df-92f2-af36c8fe9b7b Historical Places GeoJSON
d7c7a49b-5830-4845-9ab0-c34d3457ec7b Historical Things GeoJSON
41dc353b-66f5-4bb1-a4fb-5629abb21579 Historical Organisations GeoJSON
826d27a2-72eb-4188-9eec-c21815c27515 Historical Events GeoJSON