Newspaper Articles relating to Sir Ross Smith

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Newspaper articles relating to Sir Ross Smith and the 1919 Epic Flight from England to Australia. Datasets are divided into themes of prelude to the epic flight, the epic flight and death and funeral of Sir Ross Smith. Articles are sourced from South Australian newspapers *The Advertiser*, *Daily Herald*, *The Observer* and *The Register*.





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b23219af-64ca-4e26-8342-68f9ed3454e8 Prelude to the epic flight CSV
c14475be-f9ad-40e4-9df4-d0434272cd10 Prelude to the epic flight - Excel workbook XLSX
9ee013bb-ae93-4de8-99ed-74f75aab74c5 The Epic Flight CSV
92fb0c0f-6386-4d50-8a0e-2e35638537aa The Epic Flight - Excel workbook XLSX
cd19b95a-093f-453a-b3a0-42427e231486 Death and Funeral CSV
d7f27906-8703-44f5-921d-a44a1ad75ff8 Death and Funeral XLSX